Knowledge of Education

What Is Educology?

Educology is knowledge of education. This website aims to clarify fundamental discourse about education.

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Education is a subset of all learning. The Venn diagram below illustrates this relationship.

Venn diagram of learning Worthwhile education Research (Disciplined Inquiry) Induced Learning Learning Discovery Learning Compelled Learning Education Effective Education
(Click on each kind of learning in the above Venn Diagram for its definition and explanation.)

For educology to advance, we must be precise in our language about education and learning. There are nine types of educology. Each has its own merit.

This website has been built from the combined wisdom of authoritative scholars. In particular, the work of Elizabeth Steiner is prominent. She provides important foundations for the development of educology in her seminal work, Methodology of Theory Building (1988). As an indicator of impact, this book was downloaded over 175,000 times in 2014.