What Is Educology?

Educology is knowledge of education that results from disciplined inquiry. This website aims to clarify fundamental discourse about education and learning. It is a hyperlinked glossary of basic terms, important resources, related readings, and scholarly references that serve as a theoretical foundation for educology.

Universal Terms

In educology, terms are defined as universals. A universal is not limited to time or place. For example, the definition of education system is not restricted to existing education systems in the U.S. in the 21st century, but applies to all education systems that could be located anywhere--including those in the future, as well as those in the past.

What Is Education?

Education  is  intended  and  guided  learning. The Venn diagram below illustrates relationships among eight kinds of learning. Click on words in the diagram to see their definitions.

Venn diagram of learning Worthwhile education Research (Disciplined Inquiry) Induced Learning Learning Discovery Learning Compelled Learning Education Effective Education

Navigating This Site

Red-colored words are hyperlinks to further definitions and related work. For example, to see the definition and examples of an education system, then click on the red text. On the education system web page, there are further words in red text. You can increase your understanding by clicking on those red-colored words, and so on. This is one way to navigate the educology website.

The glossary also contains an alphabetical listing of key terms and their definitions. A link to the glossary appears in the sidebar on each page. This is another way to use this website, much like an index of major terms at the end of a book.

Educology in Brief

For a 10-page summary of educology, see: Educology Is Interdisciplinary: What Is It? Why Do We Need It? Why Should We Care? (PDF). For an overview of types of knowledge of education, see also nine types of educology.


This website has been built from the combined wisdom of authoritative scholars, especially those listed in Related Readings (sidebar link). The work of Elizabeth Steiner is prominent. She provides important theoretical foundations for the development of educology in her seminal work, Methodology of Theory Building (1988). As an indicator of impact, this book was downloaded over 175,000 times in 2014.


This website is dedicated to the life and memory of Elizabeth Steiner (Maccia).

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