Appreciative Knowing That One

'Appreciative knowing that one' is mental structures for identifying relations appropriate of the unique Q. 

Prerequisite to 'appreciative knowing that one' are 'recognitive knowing that one' and 'acquaintive knowing that one'.


The following conditions must be met in order for a teacher (T) to determine that a student (S) appreciates Q, the object of knowing:

S appreciates that Q if and only if

  1. S is acquainted with Q. 
  2. S selects elements [qi ... qj] appropriate of Q; and relations
    [ri ... rj] appropriate of Q. 
  3. Q is a state of affairs. 
  4. T knows that the above conditions hold in order that S appreciate that Q.

    (George Maccia, cited in Frick [1997, p. 115]).

See further explication and examples.