Relational Knowing That (Theoretical Knowing)

'Relational knowing that' is theoretical knowing, mental structures for rational explanation of relationships between kinds of objects.

Prerequisite to 'relational knowing that' is 'instantial knowing that'.

The following conditions must be met in order for a teacher (T) to determine that a student (S) knows the theory of that Q, the object of knowing:

S knows the theory of that Q if and only if

  1. S believes that Q. 
  2. S is in a position to know that Q.
  3. S correctly believes that Q. 
  4. S presents an evidentiary argument that completely justifies S's belief that Q. 
  5. S explicates the relevance and fruitfulness of the theory of that Q. 
  6. Q is a state of affairs. 
  7. T knows that the above conditions hold in order that S knows the theory of that Q.

(George Maccia, cited in Frick [1997, p. 113]).

See further explication and examples.