Teaching-Studenting Processes

Teaching-studenting processes in education are characterized by temporal affect-relations occurring between teachers and students in an education system.

Note: teaching-studenting processes are system properties which differ from teaching-studenting structures.

For examples of teaching-studenting processes in schools, see Restructuring Education Through Technology, and specifically Restructuring Through Systems Change. These examples include both teaching-studenting processes as well as teaching-studenting structures in education.

For more technical description of how to observe and analyze dynamic, temporal events, see Analysis of Patterns in Time (APT).

For exemplary studies of teaching-studenting interactions, see instructional scaffolding in which APT was used, as well as autonomy support in a Montessori classroom, and patterns in education.

For technical definitions of dynamic properties of systems, see ATIS glossary, especially for system events, conditional events, developing states, and relation-set, and for general system.