Viable Worthwhile Education for Everyone

Worthwhile education for everyone must be viable. It must be sustainable over time.

This is complex challenge, particularly if those who are in most need of a worthwhile education have no way to "pay" for it. Some kind of new educational "currency" will need to be invented and traded, perhaps 'educoins'.

In the end, economics is essentially based on trading one thing of value for another--the "currency" is rather arbitrary--whether dollars, yen, pounds, pesos, gold doubloons, services, products, personal property, software apps, and so on.

Some things to consider for earning and trading educoins in worthwhile education for everyone:

This list is only suggestive. One idea is that "educoins" could be earned and spent as a participating member. For example, learners could teach as a way to earn "educoins". Teachers and instructional designers could create new worthwhile online instruction. Scholars could contribute new research to advance educology. Businesses could donate money in exchange for "educoins" for their employees to advance their education. Philanthropists could donate money to obtain "educoins" for needy students. Software engineers could contribute new educology apps in exchange for "educoins". And so forth.

There are very likely many good ideas of how to make viable worthewhile education for everyone as it evolves. Worthwhile education for everyone must be sustainable over time.